I have observed leaders who have experienced “Home By 5” become more strategically focused. Their processes are more disciplined and work gets done in a timely fashion. The defined processes also have allowed the leaders to spend less time doing the mundane – the must dos – freeing them up to focus on leadership responsibilities.

David M. Peters
Senior Business Solutions Manager
. . . . .

I feel like Ann set a great example of how we should work together! I have taken so much of her advice and placed it in our working relationship. Home By 5 has structured our positions and given me the skills to be the best Assistant!

Kristin Frisch
Human Resources/Executive Assistant
Wheaton Dumont Co-Op Elevator
. . . . .

As a result of working with Ann, I am able to understand and recognize my value as a leader in my company. I find that I am much more fulfilled and excited by my career, and I’m also more candid in my conversations with colleagues. My work has become a journey (rather than a destination), filled with consistency, challenge, introspection, and progressive improvement. Co-workers and family frequently comment on the positive changes I’ve made in my approach to life and work.

Kent Stuart
Executive Director Business Development
Global Logistics Company
. . . . .

Thank you for your wonderful presentation last night at the TwinCities West chapter meeting. I am so excited to bring this information to my executive and drive positive change in our relationship.

Kimberly J. Stuber, CPS
Executive Administrative Assistant
. . . . .